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Comic Relief 2015

34k and counting

16 03 2015
  • Comic Relief 2015
  • Comic Relief 2015
  • Comic Relief 2015

I hope you have all recovered from Comic Relief. For me it was a busy, fun and long day which all seems like a huge big blur right now.

Firstly a huge and very much heartfelt thanks for all of your hard work and tremendous efforts. We aren’t going to get the final figures for a while, but at the last check it was £34,000 which was similar to the last time when we collected around £38,000 when the final figures came in. We also took around £575 in the raffle.

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, Becky and Vicky did their best to ensure that there were lots of fun activities throughout the evening which I thought worked really well.

Well done to the Team Leaders Alex, Amanda, Chantee, Grace, Laura and Stuart for making sure the teams were behaving themselves.

And finally thank you Simon as well as all of the team in IT for making sure we could receive those calls!

Kind Regards, Mark
Southern Housing Group


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