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Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Chigwell Construction take a responsible attitude to ethical and equal opportunities within the workplace and promotes diversity within our staff, the workplace and throughout local communities. When it comes to contractors, we try to supplement our workforce with local trades' operatives in the hope to generate jobs and stimulate local economies where possible.

Chigwell Construction also supports local apprenticeship schemes to attract new talent into the industry. We can see the mutual benefit and potential in young, enthusiastic juniors who want a more hands-on approach to learning. As such, we offer approximately seven apprenticeships across the workplace every year, as well as work experience opportunities for local students.

We intend to continue with a positive contribution to the community year on year as we grow investing in schemes and additional resources such as our Language Line, which acts as an independent interpreter to assist in the communication process.

Responsibility within our environment and our community is increasingly growing and as a construction company Chigwell Construction are always mindful of sustainable practices – an attitude that is a pre-requisite amongst contracted staff.

The Chigwell Construction approach to sustainability is driven from within the heart of the company. As an organization that is committed to providing sustainable solutions to our clients, we hope this awareness will encourage a healthier living environment for the future.

CSR & Sustainability
In addition to our Corporate Social Responsiblity, Chigwell Construction also gets involved in the local community, please visit our case studies on the Investing in the community page

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