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What is a Decent Home?

In essence a decent home is one that meets a certain standard of build set by the Government. It should fit a basic criterion, which includes modern facilities, durability and insulation.

Chigwell Construction works closely with Local Authorities, ALMO's and social housing providers to carry out renovations within the social housing market to the 'Decent Homes Standard'. New windows, roofs, insulation, heating, kitchen and bathrooms are installed to upgrade the homes, giving them an additional 30 year sustainable home. This restoration is often teamed with improvements to the electrics, plumbing and more cosmetic work.

Building Fabric

The building fabric of the home underpins the major structural elements of a house as it concerns the walls, ceilings, floors and windows of a property. The majority of the heat we lose through poor insulation results in inefficient heating and ultimately, high energy bills. As well as the financial benefits of improving the building fabric, renovation in these areas can have a positive environmental impact.

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