Our COVID-19 response


Dear Sir/Madam,

We want to write to you as one of our valued partners to set out our current response to and position on Coronavirus (Covid-19). We continue to monitor and follow government advice, which is currently focused on containing the spread of the virus to limit pressure on the NHS.

As a responsible employer we are keen to support this approach as far as we can, not just for our own people and customers, but for the wider community. Therefore we have asked our people to take the following actions which will help limit the spread of the virus:

  • Follow previous advice about hygiene, make sure you regularly and thoroughly wash your hands with hot soapy water;
  • Avoid large gatherings, cancel attendance at any large external meetings or conferences that are not business critical;
  • Review travel plans to meetings and between offices and avoid any unnecessary travel by using other communication channels such as conference calls or skype meetings;
  • Do not book buffet lunches for meetings.

We are aware that many of our colleagues and suppliers (operatives, repairs officers, housing teams, care and support, reception and office staff) have a need to interact with our customers whilst in relatively close proximity to them.

During this period where we are seeing the increased spread of Covid-19, it obviously highlights concerns for both Chigwell customers, employees and our suppliers alike. Many of the functions that our frontline people and supply partners conduct have an important impact on our customer’s everyday lives and are often a necessity and without them we could increase risk and compound suffering.

It is understood that the virus is spread through contact and being in close proximity to those that are already infected. The added difficulty is that we are still in the cold and flu season and, we are sure, you may have a concern that you don’t know whether the person your teams are visiting has regular influenza or indeed Covid-19. The fact is that you should treat both of these in the same way, especially if your team members already have a weakened immune system for any reason.

Given this unusual situation, can you advise me if anyone shows any flu like symptoms or has any reason to be concerned that they may have or have come into contact with anybody that has returned from a high risk country in the last couple of weeks.

Our business continuity plan looks at all aspects of the services we provide and as the situation changes different parts of our planning will be implemented. Given the current status of Covid-19 in the UK and in-line with best advice, we will continue to provide our services to our customers as usual and we expect our suppliers to do the same. It is imperative that, at this difficult time, both Chigwell and our suppliers maintain a high level of service performance to support our customers.

To support this requirement, can all suppliers liaise with your Chigwell contact and get in touch with me via Dean@chigwellgroup.co.uk as issues arise so we can, together, manage both local issues and to facilitate a corporate overview of the challenges you are facing in meeting our requirements during this period.

For your information, the advice we giving to our staff regarding preventative measures being taken by Chigwell Group are as follows,

  • We have communicated with customers that they should disclose to us any illness, instances of COVID-19 or self-isolation within their households to us if they require a home visit. This will be passed to the Health and Safety team and we will then assess on a case-by-case basis if we can carry out that visit;
  • Specific notifications from residents that they are self-isolating or have contracted COVID-19 should be immediately passed to the Corporate Health and Safety Team;
  • These instances will be assessed on a case by case basis and any visit carried out under strict control measures;
  • Suppliers with direct activities in our properties and with our customers should plan to have a direct risk based discussion with their Chigwell contact or contract manager to:-
    • Agree a risk assessment and safe method of working;
    • Identify categories of work and any escalation of measures required to manage the normal property based risks and the potential for managing exposure to COVID-19;
    • Work with us to define and agree the principals of work/don’t work dependent on the risk profile and the importance or urgency of your contracted work or supply;
    • We have recommended that any staff entering a property to complete emergency works where a resident has identified themselves as self-isolating will do so under a planned and controlled approach.

Whatever happens Keep Safe.

Best Regards,
Dean Floyd